Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


Squalid roads, buildings and locations in Croydon named and shamed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tree Felling

I am saddened to read that in the last five years Croydon Council has felled 2600 trees, yet only replanted 600 of those that have been cut down.

Seemingly the borough has such appalling finances it cannot afford to replace any more of the trees.

That being the case I am forced to ask why the council is so dead set on supporting the Arrowcroft arena scheme (with no green space), when the Stanhope scheme eschews the unwanted white elephant of an arena in favour of a new park planted with mature trees.

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Sutton & Croydon Greens said...

and the council has been leaving one meter high stumps in some roads.

See the Green Party Press Release on the topic.