Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


Squalid roads, buildings and locations in Croydon named and shamed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thames Water Is Shite

I am proud to announce the birth of new website.

Thames Water Is Shite

Anyone with any stories about Thames Water, or who know people with stories about Thames water, please send them in.



Monday, July 16, 2007

Cheap and Unloved

Seemingly house prices in Croydon are among the lowest in the London.

At an average of £244,680, the borough is the fourth cheapest in London - beaten only by the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham (£204,367), Bexley (£222,028) and Havering (£222,313).

The reason for this shame?

1 The creeping decay and squalor eating away the heart of Croydon

2 The delay, caused by the intransigence of the Croydon council, in developing Dingwall Road

3 Above inflation council tax increases year on year

People simply don't want to live here, and who can blame them?