Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


Squalid roads, buildings and locations in Croydon named and shamed.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Park Place Going Nowhere

The Croydon Guardian reports that the much vaunted Park Place scheme, that has caused the decay of St George's Walk, has been delayed again.

The original plan was for work on Park Place to start in spring this year, with completion expected in 2012.

Croydon council now claim that it does not expect to receive a new planning application from developer Minerva until October or November this year.

Whilst that is going on it seems that Minerva may well be taken over.

Aside from our very naive council, who seriously believes that this development will ever take place in the next five years?

This scheme is sinking fast, and is dragging down local businesses and the environment with it (see my article in March 2008 for further background).