Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


Squalid roads, buildings and locations in Croydon named and shamed.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Metal Erection

Metal ErectionMy thanks to Colin, who sent me this photo of the back of his house today. As you can see he has had a very large metal erection stuck on the back of his house by his neighbour, courtesy of a rather bizarre planning approval given by Croydon Council.

Colin has spent the best part of a year trying to get this ugly carbuncle removed.

As yet, to no avail.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Pile of Rubble III

Those of you who are regular visitors to this site, will doubtless be familiar with that little eyesore on St James's Road known as The Pile of Rubble.

I received a letter yesterday from Phoenix Logistics, who own the site.

They are progressing with their plans to redevelop it, and are holding a second exhibition on 11 December and 13 December at the Scout Hut, 113 St James's road Croydon.

Where they will be displaying their plans for the site. They plan to build 184 apartments on the site.

Good luck to them, I hope that the site is redeveloped as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dingwall Road Redevelopment Gets Personal

As predicted on this site some time ago, the redevelopment of Dingwall Road will take an eternity; as the council and the two development companies, Arrowcroft and Stanhope, battle it out for supremacy with regard to their preferred plan.

You will recall that Stanhope own the land and have one set of plans for redevelopment, Arrowcroft have another set of plans which includes an unnecessary arena (the preference of the Council).

The Times reports today that Adrian Dennis, a Croydon Councillor, has abused parliamentary privilege and made inaccurate allegations against the chairman of Stanhope.

Needless to say, lawyers are now involved; thus complicating and worsening the already fractious relationship between the Council and the developers.

The losers in this will, of course, be the citizens of Croydon; who have to endure the eyesore, and canker, in the heart of Croydon that is Dingwall Road.

To read the full Times article visit The Times.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

How Bad Will Things Get?

Vagrants are now sleeping in Dingwall Road during the day.

Precisely how far must this part of Croydon decline, and how many assaults and murders must take place on this stretch of road, before the Council addresses the decline and squalor of this area with urgency?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Croydon is Crap

I am very sad to come to this conclusion, but taking into account:

1 The creeping decay of our town centre

2 The bankruptcy of our local finances

3 The inertia of the council, and those "sitting on" derelict buildings and land, in respect of actually redeveloping areas of decay and squalor

4 The use of the town centre as a public lavatory by liquored up youths on Friday and Saturday nights, as personally witnessed by myself on numerous occasions

I can only conclude that Croydon is crap.

Access to "Named and Shamed" can now be made directly via the following domain name

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hope for Dingwall Road?

I am pleased to read that Stanhope and Schroeders have come up with a sensible, and speedy, development plan for Dingwall Road (the cancer in the heart of Croydon).

Should their plans be approved, they claim that the site will be fully redeveloped by 2007.

There is one problem with this plan, it does not contain an arena.

Now, the lack of an arena poses no problem to me; nor indeed, I suspect, to the majority of the residents of Croydon. However, our beloved council (the same people who have brought us to the edge of bankruptcy) have an obsession with building a monument to their criminal waste of resources.

What better way to remind us of their incompetence, than to build a 12,500 seat arena; that will add nothing tangible to the Borough?

The council's preferred developer, Arrowcroft, have tabled plans for an arena. The trouble is, the land which they intend to build this folly on is owned by Stanhope.

This means that, if the council insist on pushing ahead with their wasteful and redundant plan, the development of Dingwall road will be held up for at least a decade; as lawyers for the various parties involved battle it out.

The citizens of Croydon will be emasculated spectators, wringing their hands as they watch the ongoing decay of the town centre.

Now is the time to tell the council to drop their ridiculous plan for an arena.

We want to see Dingwall Road redeveloped now, not in ten or more years time.

A date has been finally set for the public inquiry into Croydon's unitary development plan, the blueprint for the borough's development for the next 10 years. It is time for the people of Croydon to reject the absurd idea for the construction of an arena.

We don't want, or need it.

What we want is a speedy, aesthetically pleasing, redevelopment of the Dingwall road site.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Croydon is Bankrupt

Croydon council has so badly mismanaged the finances of the Borough; that it cannot even afford to pay for this year's Christmas decorations.

The Christmas tree, probably the only decoration in the town centre, will in fact be paid for by MacDonalds.

Despite having driven us to the verge of bankruptcy, the council still feel able to manage the £1.5BN rebuilding programme that they are promoting.

This programme, which of course has yet to be ratified, includes a totally unnecessary sports arena for 12500 people; a white elephant, if ever there was one.

Given the dispute between the owners of the land on Dingwall Road, who have their own development plans, and the Councils' preferred developers; I doubt that we will see a single spade of earth dug in the next decade.

The council, by holding the exhibition showing "Croydon of the future", is deluding itself and the citizens of Croydon.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


When Smello-Vision is launched, I will not be able to impart to you the truly awful smell that emanates from the bowels of Croydon; as you walk through the pedestrian underpass, from Queens Gardens to the Fairfield Halls.

Until that day, I am afraid that you will just have to go to this crappy little walkway yourself; in order to experience the true aroma of Croydon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Green Shoot?

My compliments to House of Fraser for placing their store in Centrale.

Croydon has been in need of a decent store for some time now; other stores have been dumbing down, as wealthier shoppers are put off coming to Croydon by the decay and dereliction that is destroying the town.

Hopefully the influx of money, that House of Fraser may generate, may hold back the wasteland that is encroaching on the North End.

That being said, Centrale is still very empty of stores; I wonder quite how many shopping centres Croydon actually needs?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bollard II

It seems that someone must have been reading my recent post about the hole in Dingwall Road, and the dead bollard.

The bollard has now been removed, and the hole filled in with tarmac.

That's the spirit!

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Oh dear, oh dear!

Look what has appeared in Dingwall Road:

A hole has appeared!

What has caused this further degeneration in the infrastructure of one of Croydon's most uncared for thoroughfares?

A bollard has fallen over:

Maybe some of the £2BN, allegedly set aside for the grand "redevelopment" of Croydon, could be used to fix this; before someone has an accident?

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Back To The Future

I have come across a video available from the University of Kent at Canterbury.

It has been commissioned by Croydon Council, and concerns the conference and exhibition sponsored by the Council and the Architectural Foundation about Croydon's future; the film shows the links between architectural design, and Croydon's economic prosperity.

The film covers the progress of the conference, shows the exhibition and contains interviews with the key figures attending and speaking at the conference.

The Leader of Croydon Council, during one of the interviews, notes that Croydon is "dull, dreary and dated".

The CEO of Croydon makes the logical link between good design, and a thriving economy.

All of those interviewed emphasised the need to change Croydon's image, with the city centre particularly in mind; and that future developments must be made as a result of the partnership of residents, businesses and the Council.

Now, here's the problem; the exhibition and conference, that the film relates to, took place in 1993.

What has happened since then?

If you are looking at this site, then you can see; precious little, except for ongoing neglect and decay.

Not one of the decaying, neglected and squalid buildings/areas highlighted on this site since February has been renovated. I would note, that many of the decaying areas highlighted here were in quite good condition in 1993. In other words, things have become much worse since 1993.

There is one irony, the Council are about to stage another exhibition about the future of Croydon; called "Future of Croydon". You will have noticed advertisements for the exhibition, which kicks off on the 13th of September, springing up all over the place.

I have looked in vain on the net for a website about this exhibition, seemingly none exists; are the organisers embarrassed about their plans, or know in their heart of hearts that these plans will go the way of those first mooted in 1993?

Should anyone know of the whereabouts of a site that covers the exhibition, please drop me a line.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Oi Croydon Council, why have you taken the bottle banks on Dingwall Road away?

Discarded bottles are now beginning to pile up there.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Marking Their Territory

Take a walk around the Gateway site near East Croydon station, and you will see that in the last week Stanhope have put their signs up all around the Warehouse Theatre.

I suspect that this act, of marking their territory, is in response to the Council's recent press release (see my previous post).

As noted, I suspect that the Council will not have an easy time requisitioning the land for their pet development project.

We the citizens of Croydon, meanwhile endure the wasteland that is Dingwall Road.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Gateway to Hell

It seems that Croydon Council have succeeded in persuading the Secretary of State to dismiss Stanhope's application to develop the Dingwall Road site, known as the Gateway project.

This means, according to the Council, that the way is clear for their preferred developer Arrowcroft to develop the site; and build a 12500 seat indoor arena.

In my view there are a number of problems with this:
  • Much of the site around the Dingwall Road area is owned by Stanhope. This will be difficult to acquire from them without a fight, and will inevitably delay any development.

  • Why does Croydon need a 12500 seat arena?

  • Can Croydon afford a 12500 seat arena?

  • Croydon Council talk of compulsory purchases of land around the site, can Croydon afford to do this?

  • How long will this take?
It seems that the citizens of Croydon will be forced to endure the decay,and squalor, of Dingwall Road for a few more years.

Feel free to post your views on The Forum.

The full press release from the Council can be viewed here Croydon Council press release.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

East London Line

It seems that the East London line may be coming to town.

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, has announced that phase 1 of the East London Line Project will go ahead; as an agreement has been reached about funding with the government.

Phase 1 will provide extended services between Dalston Junction, in the north, New Cross, Crystal Palace and West Croydon. Maybe this will provide some impetus to regenerate the squalid and decaying North End of Croydon.

However, there is a catch, the theory is that this might be up and running by 2010; so don't hold your breath!

To view the official East London Line site visit East Londlon Line.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Pile of Rubble

I am pleased to say that there may be some improvement to one of the sites I have featured on this blog.

The "Pile of Rubble", which resides on the corner of Newgate and St James's road may be redeveloped. To view the original article please click here.

Should you wish to view a slide show of pictures of this particular eyesore, please visit “A Pile of Rubble”.

The above picture were taken in February, the pile of rubble has since grown!

The residents in the locality of the site have received a letter from Green Issues Communications (a consultancy group acting for Phoenix Logistics); inviting them to view an exhibition of a proposed development for the site, which is being put forward by Phoenix Logistics.

The exhibition will be held in the West Croydon Baptist Church, Whitehorse Road, on Friday 16 July between 15:00 and 20:00 and Saturday 17 July between 10:00 and 16:00.

I will try to get along there to have a look.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I am not alone in feeling that Croydon is falling apart.

I received an email the other day from someone with similar feelings. Here is an extract:

"..The whole area needs a thorough clean and 'make-over' it is just creating an air of seediness and hopelessness that attracts the likes of the perpetrators of the football hooligan riots.."

I wonder how it is that there are those in the borough who still hanker after "city status".

Friday, June 18, 2004

I am not the only one who feels that building an arena in Dingwall Road is a bad idea (see earlier posts). Here is an extract of an email I received yesterday:

"...However, ‘arena’ conjures up pop concerts and over-excited
youngsters pouring out onto the street afterwards to fight, drink, take drugs,
and vomit. Mm, not so sure about that. On second thoughts, maybe Dingwall Road
is better left as it is: it somehow DOES have a certain decaying charm, if you
see what I mean. …And it would be a shame if the Warehouse Theatre building were
demolished: it’s one of the few older structures with any sort of character in
the whole area...."

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I have come up with solution to the drunken yobbery, that plagues Britain's town centres each weekend.

As it is relevant to the entire country, not just Croydon, I have posted it today on Ken's Blue Blog.

Feel free to post your own views, on The Forum.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I have received a good suggestion from someone, about what to do with the rioting scum bags from Sunday.

The suggestion is to put them to work on regenerating the canals.

Good idea in my view.

Other suggestions are very welcome, please feel free to post them publicly on the Forum message board.

Monday, June 14, 2004

I understand that there was a mini riot in Croydon last night.

It seems that 400 "football fans" (drunken scum bags to you and me), fed up with England's performance in Euro 2004, decided to have a fight with the police.

Missiles were thrown, and cars overturned.

Now that these morons have sobered up, let us round them up and put them to work.

To start with they can clean up the mess they made last night, then they can be put to work regenerating the decaying and rotting areas in the borough of Croydon.

Views anyone?

Friday, June 11, 2004

Down it Comes

Now you see it

Now you don't

Trafalgar House bites the dust

Our local paper, The Croydon Guardian, has given my recent correspondence with Prince Charles a mention; their article can be viewed here Prince shares Ken's concern at town decay.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I received an email today, from a fellow Croydon resident, congratulating me on the site; and asking if I knew of any voluntary bodies who were working on improving these, and other, derelict areas in Croydon.

I have to say that I don't.

However, I will have a look around; and, if I find any, will post their details on this site.

In the meantime, if anyone out there in cyberspace knows details about any organisations that may fall into this category; please email me, and I will post the details here.


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

In the spirit of "nothing ventured, nothing gained", I wrote to Prince Charles in May about Croydon. The main points of my letter were:

  • To draw his attention to the environmental neglect, and decay, that has been eroding the centre of Croydon over the last few years.

  • To note that Croydon, with a population of over 300,000 people, should be a thriving example of 21st century Britain. Croydon should accommodate architecture, both traditional and modern, which forms a stimulating and pleasant environment in which to live and work.

  • To note that the citizens of Croydon are forced to live and work in a town that contains areas that are squalid, neglected and decaying.

  • To offer an invitation to take a look at this site, and to visit Croydon.

I doubted very much that this would achieve anything, as he cannot become involved in what may be perceived as partisan local politics.

However, I received a letter yesterday from his Assistant Private Secretary.

The letter thanked me, and noted that the matters I raised have long been at the heart of what HRH has been trying to achieve through his Foundation for the Built Environment.

He also enclosed a booklet about the Foundation.

As expected, there seems to be little that HRH can do; but it was worth a shot.

I suggest that our local council, and all of those companies and individuals who are responsible for the mess that Croydon is in, take a look at the book and the website

They might learn something!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Demolition Squad

I see that the demolition squad have moved in on Trafalgar House.

As you can see it is such an attractive building!

This is good news, at least the crumbling eyesore will be knocked down. However, I hope that something will be put in its place soon.

Otherwise the citizens of Croydon will have to endure yet more wasteland blighting the landscape.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


During the last week or so, I have seen a number of men with theodolites taking measurements on Dingwall Road and outside East Croydon Station.

Anyone know what's afoot?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I see that one of the derelict areas, highlighted by this site, has had a planning application lodged for its demolition and reconstruction.

Trafalgar House, on Bedford Park Croydon, will be demolished and a new office building put in its place.

That is good news, if it goes ahead. However, the wasteland next door (a real canker on Croydon's backside) is not part of the plan.

I suspect that any company, wishing to use the new office building. may have some concerns about that.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Welcome to the Croydon Health Centre

Feeling ill?

Don't bother going to the Croydon Health Centre on London Road; if the outside of the building is anything to go by, you will only feel worse.

How can Croydon Council claim to be looking after Croydon and its inhabitants, when they present the citizens of Croydon with this sad neglected building?

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Those of you hoping that the proposed East London line extension will regenerate Croydon, and its environs, may be disappointed.

It looks likely that the £1BN East London line project will be axed.

The proposed scheme was going to build a rail metro service, whish would connect South and South-East London with East London. It would connect Clapham Junction, West Croydon and Crystal Palace with Dalston and Highbury and Islington. There would be connections to Silverlink services on the North London line besides the Tube and other mainline stations.

However, this proposal has been around for years; and has not moved forward one jot. Therefore, other solutions to Croydon's neglect and decay will have to be found.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Croydon's Creative Hub

Creative London, a new programme for the capital's arts industries, was launched on Monday with a target to raise their cash value to £32BN within 10 years.

It is starting with a £50M lump sum.

Creative London plans to open "creative hubs" (small offices for arts entrepreneurs) in, amongst other places, Croydon.

Maybe the prospective influx of Van Gogh's and Goya's could put their minds to the more pressing task of regenerating the decaying, and neglected centre of Croydon.

Croydon Council certainly seem to be good at finding novel ways to spend our money, pity it is not going to improve the appearance of the centre of Croydon though.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

News About the Secret Judo Club

After some delving into the bowels of the council website, I have come across an application for outline planning permission; which was made in April 2003.

This is for the "demolition of existing buildings; erection of a four storey building comprising 12 two bedroom flats and a terrace of 4 three storey four bedroom houses; formation of access road and provision of 16 parking spaces" on the site of The Secret Judo Club.

About time too, in my view.

However, I would ask why the hell has it taken a year for nothing yet to have happened?

The full document relating to the outline planning permission can be viewed here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Secret Judo Club Revisited

Rumour has it that someone wants to build apartments on the site of The Secret Judo Club. I shall have a nose around and see what is happening.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I received a letter from Geraint Davies (my MP) yesterday. I expected/hoped that it would refer to the issues raised in "Named and Shamed".

However, I was mistaken; it was a circular summmarising the issues he is involved with locally, and in Parliament. These include:

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • GM Food

  • Animal Welfare

  • Manslaughter

  • Guantanamo Bay

  • Childcare

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Other sundry matters

All of the above are doubtless worthy, "headline grabbing", issues. However, the issues raised in "Named and Shamed" are nowhere to be found in his list.

Surely the issues raised on "Named and Shamed" are just as valid as those national issues that seem to occupy his time?

Monday, April 05, 2004

What Use Are Politicians?

I am saddened, but not particularly surprised, to note that both Croydon Council and Geraint Davies (MP for Croydon Central) have not provided any response as to what measures they will take to address the issues raised on “Named and Shamed”.

Politicians are very adept at shedding “crocodile tears” about the public’s apathy with regard to politics. Politicians are also very adept at:

  • raising taxes

  • awarding themselves pay rises

  • increasing their expense allowances

  • and ensuring that their pensions are linked to their earnings (unlike the case for the majority of their voters)

However, when presented with an issue that affects the quality of life of their voters they are strangely silent and reluctant to act.

It is hardly surprising, that come election time, many voters stay at home. What is the point of voting, if the person you vote for does nothing?

Therefore in the absence of any action, or reaction, from our political “elite”; I have decided to bypass the politicians.

I intend to bring the issues raised on “Named and Shamed” to the attention of those who have influence, but who are not members of the “chattering classes”.

I hope that this will get some results.

My message to the politicians, who have buried their heads in the sand over this, is simple; “you should feel ashamed, you are not worthy to hold office”.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Croydon’s Gateway to Nowhere

I read in the Croydon Guardian that plans for re-developing the decaying and neglected Dingwall Road site (known as The Gateway), discussed here under “Post Nuclear Croydon” and “Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship”, may be delayed.

The delay is apparently due to the fact that there are two competing plans for development. One plan initiated by Arrowcroft, the Council’s preferred plan, includes a 12,500 seat arena. To view the planning committee discussion of this plan please visit Arrowcroft

The other plan, put forward by Stanhope/Schroders, does not include an arena; and has been rejected by the Council. To view the Stanhope/Schroder vision please visit To view the planning committee’s discussion of this plan please visit Stanhope

It seems that the Council’s decision to reject the Stanhope/Schroder plan was based on a number of factors; which the committee felt were contrary to the Unitary Development Plan (UDP), which was adopted in 1997.

The UDP strategy is based on a view of trends in population, housing, employment and transport over the coming years. To view the UDP please visit UDP.

One of the reasons for the rejection was the fact that there were no plans for an arena. I don’t propose to analyse the merits/demerits of the two plans. However, I would question the need for an arena in the area; given the fact that there are numerous swimming pools, sports stadiums in and around Croydon.

It seems to me that the priority should be to rebuild this area, which has been scandalously neglected over the last 30 years. Whichever plan that can do that (taking into consideration health, safety and aesthetic remits), in the shortest time possible, should be the one that is chosen.

The article in the Guardian notes that Stanhope have already spent £10M over the last two years, buying up various properties on the site. The Council are threatening to use compulsory purchase orders in order to wrest control of the properties from Stanhope.

Either way, it seems that the long suffering residents of Croydon will have to helplessly watch the spectacle from the sidelines; safe in the knowledge that Dingwall Road will not see one sod of turf dug, or foundation stone laid, in the next five or more years.

Friday, March 26, 2004

I know that I am not alone in despairing at the state of decay in Croydon.

I have received messages of support from residents in the borough. Additionally, I have received a list from Cllr Andrew Pelling (London Assembly Member for Sutton and Croydon); which identifies over 150 areas of graffiti in the borough, as at February 2004.

Cllr Pelling noted that that he has sent the list to the council.

If these areas have now been cleaned up, please advise and I will delete them from the list.

My thanks to Cllr Pelling for the list, which I reproduce in full below:


On flats in Woburn Court on northern end of Wellesley Road.
On side wall of 60 Exeter Road.
Extensive graffiti in small park at rear of 91 Stretton Road
On side wall of 63 Dartnell Road
On side wall of 80 Dartnell Road
On side of 78 Dartnell Road at its junction with Laurier Road
On side wall of 92 Rymer Road
On Telewest box at junction of Rymer and Dartnell Roads
On side wall of 5 Albert Terrace in Dartnell Road
In car park by housing at southern end of Dominion Road
On side wall of 2B Dominion Road
In pathway running from car park in Dominion Road to Laurier Road
On sidewall of 34A & 34 Dartnell Road
On side fence of 1-12 Thornbury Court in Blunt Road.
On fence in pathway running parallel to the railway by side of the western end of the bridge over the railway north of South Croydon station and running into Hurst Road.
On Telewest boxes at top end of Havelock Road.
On fence of properties at top of Clyde Road facing onto the Addiscombe Road.
On front fence and sidewall of 501 Brighton Road.
On NatWest bank at 96 Brighton Road, Coulsdon.
On shutters next to Plumb Centre in Station Approach Road, Coulsdon.
On electricity sub-station behind Barclays Bank in The Avenue, Coulsdon.
On doors at back of NatWest Bank.
On front of Lloyds Bank in central Croydon.
On side of Woolworths in Coulsdon.
On 1A Alexandra Building, Edward Road, Coulsdon.
On top of wall of 25 Melrose Road.
On 5A Woodside Road.
On shutters of Shirley Computer Services in Spring Lane.
On pathway through to St Luke's Close off Spring Lane.
Small amount of graffiti on side fence of 53 Spring Lane.
On fence on junction of Woodside Avenue and Woodside Green.
On Telewest box at junction of Woodside Green and Howard Road.
On stairs running up to Roman Way at Reeves Corner.
In underpass under Roman Way.
On wall of car park opposite entrance to Booth Road.
On front of 99-101 Church Road.
On front of 91 Church Road.
On wall by side of the Grouse & Ferret public house opposite 74-94 Cherry Orchard Road.
On outside wall and on Oval primary school building.
On slaughterhouse (Cherryfield [Croydon] Ltd) next to Oval primary school (NB: flowerpot on railings next to slaughterhouse has been displaced and contents spilled all over the pavement).
On waste bin opposite Cherryfield at the bus stop.
On Telewest box and Keep Left traffic signs opposite 41 Cherry Orchard Road
On Pay & Display machine 30 yards to west of 41 Cherry Orchard Road
On park benches at junction of Cherry Orchard Gardens and Cherry Orchard Road.
On outside fence of car park next to large white building at junction with Billington Hill
On the large white building (Amy Johnson House) next to Billington Hill
On red Post Office pouch box at junction of Cedar Road and Cherry Orchard Road
On side of Stevenson House in Cedar Road
On Billington Hill street sign at the bottom of Billington Hill.
On CR0 former public house in St George's Walk.
On shutters of sandwich bar at 35 St George's Walk
On shutters of 38 St George's Walk
On walls at Croydon College entrance end of St George's Walk
All over the grilles on the pedestrian bridge across the tramway in Spring Lane.
On street light No. 7 in Spring Lane just south of Spring Lane bridge.
On concrete slabs outside Croydon College.
On disabled ramp outside Croydon College.
On park bench outside Croydon College.
On outbuildings on College Green, between College and the Higher Education Centre.
On large plant box to east of the College entrance overlooking College Green.
On large pillars at the back of College Green close to the multi-storey car park.
On panels at 'permit holders entrance only' to Fairfield car park.
On the bridge over the railway into permit holders entrance into Fairfield car park.
On back of Fairfield automatic car park sign in Hazeldene Road.
On street sign at entrance to Granville Close.
On Fairford's sign at entrance to Garrick Crescent.
On side wall of 58 Cedar Road.
On side fence of 65 Lebanon Road.
On Telewest box at bottom end of Lebanon Road.
On public toilet at roundabout junction of Lower Addiscombe Road and Morland Road.
Also on the signs in the middle of the same roundabout.
On side fence of Suncroft and Telewest boxes in Morland Avenue.
On red fence opposite 5 Morland Avenue.
On Telewest box outside 42 Morland Avenue.
Outside 50 Morland Road.
On Telewest box outside 5 Vincent Road.
On garage at 33 Brampton Road.
On Brampton Road street sign.
On Telewest box at junction of Brampton Road and Davidson Road.
On garage of 31 Brampton Road.
On 'Boys' entrance to Davidson Centre in Brampton Road.
On pillar of Davidson Centre in Davidson Road by caretaker's house.
On Northway Road sign.
On side wall and fence of 436 Davidson Road.
On 139 Northway Road surgery.
On front wall of 108 Northway Road.
On Telewest box at junction of Rees Gardens and Northway Road.
On gates and main sign of Davidson Professional Centre in Northway Road.
On side fence of 102 Northway Road.
On side fence of 1 Westbourne Road.
On side fence of 100 Northway Road.
On Telewest box opposite 75 Northway Road.
On gate of 56 Northway Road.
On road sign at Aschurch Road next to 46 Northway Road.
On Telewest box by 39 Northway Road.
On wall of 2 Northway Road.
On bollard at junction of Morland Road and Northway Road.
On side fence of 148 Morland Road.
On fence of 156 Morland Road.
On Telewest boxes on Beckford Road at Morland Road junction.
On Beckford Road sign.
On side wall of 12 Beckford Road.
On side wall and fence of 54 Aschurch Road
In front of 46 Spring Lane.
On bollard at top end of Estcourt Road..
On side wall Meadvale Stores newsagents at 32A Meadvale Road.
On fence opposite 106 Hermitage Lane and all way down the pathway from Hermitage Lane.
On Hermitage Lane road sign at junction with Sonning Road.
On garage door opposite 30 Sonning Road.
On green post pouch at junction of Sonning Road and Anthony Road.
On garage door at 12 Anthony Road.
On black garage door at entrance to Anthony Road.
On roller shutters at 293 Lower Addiscombe Road.
On front wall of 196 Lower Addiscombe Road.
On buildings by side of tram next to FADS at 231A Lower Addiscombe Road.
On Sundridge Road road sign.
On Telewest box on Nicholson Road at junction with Lower Addiscombe Road.
On green gates opposite 9 Nicholson Road.
On side fence of 72 Grant Road.
On Telewest box at junction of High Barrow Road and Sundridge Road.
On side wall of property at end of Grant Road.
On red post office pouch box in Sundridge Road close to junction with Dalmally Road.
On Telewest box next door to 67 Dalmally Road.
On side wall of 67 Dalmally Road (still needing further cleaning).
On side wall of 45 Dalmally Road.
On Telewest box outside 17 Dalmally Road.
On white door opposite 34 Dalmally Road.
On side wall of 78 Coniston Road.
On garage and side wall of 52 Addiscombe Avenue.
On Addiscombe Avenue road sign.
On side wall of 10 Everton Road
On side wall of William Hill shop in Everton Road.
On door of the Church of Nazarene in Lower Addiscombe Road.
On Telewest box at entrance to Alexandra Road.
On Davidson Road sign.
On street light No. 6 in Lower Addiscombe Road.
On side of 40 Lower Addiscombe Road.
On blue gate opposite 40 Lower Addiscombe Road.
On lamp post No. 9 outside 85 Davidson Road.
On post box at junction of Stretton Road and Davidson Road.
On side wall of 178 Davidson Road.
On red post pouches at junction of Stretton Road and Davidson Road.
On garages at entrance to Stretton Road near junction with Davidson Road.
On side wall of 141 Alexandra Road.
On side wall of 43 Alexandra Road.
On front door of 48B Lower Addiscombe Road.
On shops next to Dry Hard Croydon Ltd at bottom of Cherry Orchard Road.
On shutters of 146 and 140 Cherry Orchard Road.
On side wall of 142 Cherry Orchard Road.
On 134 Cherry Orchard Road.
On 130A Cherry Orchard Road.
On shutters of 124 and front door of 122A/124A Cherry Orchard Road.
On garage door of 131B Cherry Orchard Road.
On properties at entrance to Leslie Park Road.
On red post pouch box at entrance to Leslie Park Road from Cherry Orchard Road.
On 121 Cherry Orchard Road.
On Pay & Display machine outside 121 Cherry Orchard Road.
On 125 Cherry Orchard Road.
On 127 Cherry Orchard Road.
On side wall of 101 Cherry Orchard Road.
On fences at junction of Brownlow Road and Park Hill Road.

All above up to 18.2.04 at 12.05
On bollards at end of Sunken Lane near Tramlink station.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Lesley Arse Pub

The Lesley Arms, located at the corner of Lower Addiscombe Road and Cherry Orchard Road, was still functioning as a pub when I returned from Sweden in 2000.

However, it is now closed and boarded up.

Why do the owners of these abandoned buildings, and the council, inflict this urban blight upon the residents of Croydon?

Surely there must be something that can be done with this building, other than let it rot?

Sunday, March 21, 2004

I received a letter from my MP, Geraint Davies, in response to the email I sent on the 15th.

He noted that he had visited my site, and commented that "it is good to see that you take such an active interest in local issues".

However, there was no comment about the actual issues raised; or what he intends to do about them.

I therefore emailed him this today:

"Dear Mr Davies,

Thank you for your letter (16 March) concerning my website.

Please can you advise me what you will be doing to address the serious issues raised in "Named and Shamed".

Thank you...."

Monday, March 15, 2004

Using the "Fax Your MP" tool, I dropped my MP a note alerting him to the existence of this site.

It will be interesting to see what comes of that.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

What is Croydon Council Doing?

I have been laying much of the blame for the decay and neglect in central Croydon at the door of Croydon Council. It may seem to some that this apportionment of blame is a little harsh; the Council do have other areas of concern.

I spent a while trawling through the Council website ( yesterday, to get a feel for what goes on there.

One area that caught my attention is something that doubtless concerns many of the residents of the borough; namely pensions. I downloaded the Council pension scheme annual report for April 2002 - March 2003 via this link:

It made interesting reading, as we are being reminded on a daily basis, the slump in the stock market over the past few years has wrought havoc on company pension schemes; leaving them severely underfunded, and at risk of not being able to meet their future pension commitments.

Many private sector final salary schemes (whereby the future pension of the employees is a set percentage of their final salary) have closed their doors to new entrants; in order to ensure that they can meet their commitments to their current members.

Croydon Council operate a contributory pension scheme as well, and have doubtless been worried about meeting their commitments to the scheme’s members. By the way, the benefits to the members of the Croydon scheme are:

● A pension of 1/80th of your final salary for each year of service, plus

● A tax free lump sum of 3/80th’s of your final salary for each year of service

Clearly keeping this scheme funded, and ensuring that it is able to meet its commitments must take up some of the Council’s time.

The fund, £264m as at March 2003, experienced a fall in value of 28.9% in 2002/2003 compared with the local authority average of 19.5%. As the pension report, commenting on the 29% fall, states “this was well below the average” quite! Indeed the performance or, to use a more appropriate word, erosion of the fund over the last five years has been continually worse average:

Croydon vs Local Authority Average % fall

1 year -28.9 vs -19.5
3 years -17.9 vs -9.1
5 years -6.7 vs -1.6

However, unlike many schemes in the private sector, the scheme is still open to new members. Indeed following the implementation of new regulations and a report on the remuneration of Councillors in London, by the Independent Panel to the Association of London Government, the Council members are now entitled to become members of the scheme (and of course draw a pension when they retire at 70). Their pensionable pay is based on their allowances, summarised below (source )

Councillors’ Allowances 2003/04

All figures in £ p.a.

Basic Allowance 10490

Special Responsibility Allowances
(paid in addition to Basic Allowance).

Leader of the Council 36505
Deputy Leader 30555
Cabinet members 27778
Deputies 10322
Chair of Scrutiny and Overview Committee 23144
Scrutiny Deputy and Vice Chairs 10322
Group Secretary 10322
Chief Whip (Majority Party) 12504
Chair of Development Control Committee 12504
Chairs of Licensing and
Corporate Services Committees 10322

Minority Group

Leader of the Opposition 19050
Deputy Leader 10322
Shadow Cabinet members 5958
Chief Whip (Minority Party) 5958
Group Secretary 5958

The Council estimates that this largesse will cost an extra £250K for 2004/05.

Given the above, I am sure that many of you must be worried about how the scheme will be able to meet its commitments. I am happy to advise you that you may sleep peacefully, for you see the Local Government Pension Scheme is a scheme regulated by Act of Parliament.

The benefits payable to members are therefore not dependent directly on the investment performance of the fund. However, the Council has to make good any deficit that might arise in the fund at regular intervals.

This means that if it appears that the fund may not be able to meet it commitments, then the Council must inject extra capital into it. FYI, the Council contributed £13.5m to the fund during the year April 2002 – March 2003.

Where does this money come from? Why, that’s simple, from the Council Tax levied on the local residents of course!

That probably accounts for part of the 27% rise in Council Tax in 2003, and the proposed rise of 7% for 2004. Note, as you are no doubt aware Croydon have been awarded my prestigious “Worse Than Worthless” award for this disgraceful burden imposed on the borough’s residents (see "Worse Than Worthless").

It seems, from the above, that the Council is unable to manage the pension fund in as an effective way as other local boroughs.

In view of this demonstration of ineffective management, we probably have little chance of seeing the Council successfully reverse the creeping decay and neglect that is consuming the centre of Croydon. This is a task which requires competence, efficiency and a hard-nosed approach to business and money; something which Croydon Council, in my opinion, has demonstrated that it does not have.

The only saving grace for the Council is that, by being able to make up its shortcomings by levying higher Council Tax, it seems to have its own retirement safely covered.

Croydon Council, spending your money as though it was its own.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship

Those of you familiar with “Named and Shamed” will know that I have already “waxed lyrical” about the joys of walking down Dingwall Road Croydon; in my article “Post Nuclear Croydon”.

However, another feature of this most shoddy and decrepit thoroughfare struck me yesterday; as I endured another five minutes experiencing “Post Nuclear” living.

Namely, the number of offices with letting signs; these have increased noticeably in the last few weeks.

I decided to count them, there are now 7 offices openly available for let; offering a grand total of over 270,000 square feet of office space. Note there are other offices, which are clearly unoccupied, which do not have any letting signs up; it is reasonable to assume that the square footage available exceeds the figure I have quoted.

So why are all these offices suddenly becoming available?

Could it be that the occupants feel that their brand image is being damaged by being associated with such a derelict and decrepit area?

Maybe they know something about the future of Dingwall Road that Croydon Council haven’t yet told the residents of Croydon?

If anyone has any ideas as to why there is now a mass exodus from the remaining offices in Dingwall Road, please let me know. I am happy to publish all theories, one of them must be right.

Note to Croydon Council (I know you visit this site):

  • The more offices that are deserted, the more run down Dingwall Road will become; I realise that it is difficult to imagine!

  • The fewer companies locating in Croydon, the lower the tax take and the lower the quality of Council services.

  • The fewer companies locating in Croydon, the fewer the number of people working here; the lower the revenue stream to surrounding shops and support businesses.

  • This is a vicious circle, it requires a proactive response from Croydon Council; get off your backsides and deal with it!

    Monday, March 01, 2004

    Breeding Boarding

    It is my opinion that the ubiquitously popular boarding; as favoured by local property developers and our well "respected" council, and used to "hide" blight, is breeding.

    I have found another infestation of it; this time on the Lower Addiscombe Road.

    Do the council really think that this enhances our environment?

    Following on from my appearance on the Vanessa Feltz Saturday show, the BBC have put together a "mock" tabloid front page on their website; with a headline "Croydon Benefits from a Touch of Frost", thought up by Paul of E1.

    The site can be viewed by going to

    Friday, February 27, 2004

    The Bird House Revisited

    Look what I saw today at “The Bird House” (to read my earlier articles about this place visit The Bird House and The Leaning Chimney Pot of Croydon), someone has made a lame attempt to improve the aesthetics of this building.

    If you are the owners, or a member of Croydon Council, can you spot the difference?



    Yes that's right; the boarding, which had fallen down, has been put back up.

    I assume that the owners of this sorry wreck of a building and Croydon Council, who allegedly are meant to protect our urban environment, think that this is a real improvement to this eyesore.

    It is nice to think that my website has had something to do with pricking their consciences into doing something. However, I am less than impressed with their efforts.

    I want, and I assume the residents of Sydenham Road also want, to see this building renovated.

    So stop messing around, and get on with it!

    Thursday, February 26, 2004

    Just to let you know that, if you have nothing better to do on Saturday morning, I will be appearing for 5 mins on the Vanessa Feltz show on BBC radio London 94.9FM around 9:00am-9:30am.

    I will be discussing the "Named and Shamed" section of my website.

    You can also listen to it on their website

    Many thanks to all of you who have emailed me, or contacted the Croydon Guardian, offering your support.

    Tuesday, February 24, 2004

    A Pleasant Afternoon Stroll by the Railway

    Join me on a pleasant afternoon stroll by the railway line, located between Sydenham Road and Gloucester Road Croydon.

    Here, despite the efforts of the Council to keep it clean (I don’t blame them for everything!), people continue to dump all manner of refuse.

    Should you feel weary, some very kind soul has even dumped a couple of sofas; how considerate of them!

    It would be really nice if the people who did this could be rounded up, and forced to clean up this mess. They could then be transported to the nearest pigsty, and found accommodation there; where doubtless they would feel more at home.

    To join me on my stroll, please visit A Stroll by the Railway and wait for the pictures to load.

    Monday, February 23, 2004

    Croydon’s Grand Design

    I understand that the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has earmarked Croydon as being the epicentre for his plans to create 17,000 plus new homes over the next few years.

    We, the residents of Croydon, will be treated to the site of thrusting skyscrapers some 15-20 storeys high (one is expected to 40 storeys high); penetrating the skyline by the year 2015.

    Well, in principle, if the buildings were; well designed, thoughtfully located and in harmony with the rest of the environment that would be a noble idea. It would ease the housing shortage in the Southeast, and add value to the local economy.

    However, I am a tad cynical about this brave new vision for Croydon. The reasons for my cynicism can be summarised as follows:

    · Mayor Ken is shortly to be standing for re-election this year, as Mayor of London. He needs a few headlines to launch his re-election campaign; mega skyscrapers in Croydon provide such a headline.

    · Those of you with long memories may recall an exhibition held near the Fairfield Hall in the early 1990’s. This was to showcase proposed designs for a “brave, new Croydon”. We were treated to stunning models and drawings showing; glass walkways, communal gardens and elegant office/residential tower blocks.

    It is now 2004. Have any of these bold plans come to fruition, NO!

    · In 200/2001 the Allders shopping mall had an exhibition showing another “brave, new Croydon”. This came complete with scale plastic models, video displays, glossy brochures and attractive “hostesses”; all designed to show the long suffering residents of the borough what the future had in store for them.

    However, no one could ever answer the simple question: “When will these buildings be erected?” Have these plans come to fruition, NO! The exhibition has been quietly removed, as though it never existed.

    · As my “Named and Shamed” section shows, there are many areas of Croydon that have been neglected for some years; without the hint of action being taken to rectify the decay and squalor. If the Council are incapable of cleaning up the current mess, are they really capable of handling major construction work envisaged by Mayor Ken?

    · Croydon has been called a mini Manhattan, this is a sad misnomer. Manhattan has strict planning and building laws that ensure that architects’ and politicians’ egos do not blight the landscape. By way of example, “new builds” in Manhattan are required to allocate a percentage of ground space for public use by providing; seating, gardens and water features…do any of the office blocks in Croydon do that?

    · How much will this cost, who will be paying for it and will the infrastructure of Croydon cope? East Croydon station seems to have a hard enough time at the moment coping with the daily commute; I doubt that it is up to coping with the proposed population increase.

    In short, I do not believe that the politicians are capable of managing a long-term project of this scale. The plans will change, the costs will overrun and the residents of Croydon will be left to endure the mess left behind.

    Friday, February 20, 2004

    The Leaning Chimney Pot of Croydon

    Here is a photo, albeit slightly blurred (sorry folks I’m not a professional photographer), of one of the chimney stacks of The Bird House (see my earlier post below for full details on The Bird House).

    Now, I am sure it is quite obvious that there is a problem here. However, for the benefit of the owners of the Bird House and Croydon Council; neither of whom seem to care about the state of this building, I will elucidate.

    One of the chimney pots is leaning at an alarming angle.

    I am no expert on these matters, but I strongly suspect that the pot (and it seems to be quite a large one) is going to topple over in the not too distant future.

    This of course poses a hazard to any pedestrians in the vicinity, who have the misfortune to be walking past at the time it chooses to topple.

    I would remind our ever vigilant Council, and the rather dozy owners of this building, that this building is also next door to a nursery school.

    Now at the risk of sounding like a bore, why not fix it before someone gets hurt or killed?
    I understand from the Guardian that the story has certainly sparked a response from other Croydon residents, who feel the same way.

    So much for Croydon Council's view that they are doing well!

    Please don't forget to post your views on The Forum section of this site.

    Also, why not fax your MP using the "Fax Your MP" tool on this page; don't forget to mention this site.

    Let's give Croydon Council, and those lazy property owners, the kick up the backside they so richly deserve!

    Thursday, February 19, 2004

    FYI, I have just done a quick 30 second telephone interview for BBC Radio London.

    I understand that this will be broadcast Friday morning 20th February.
    Since the article was published in yesterday's Guardian, I have received a number of emails supporting my observations.

    One comment, I think best acts as a riposte to Croydon Council's claim to act promptly when complaints are made:

    "I have seen the area getting dirtier and dirtier..I have phoned the council on various occasions to complain about the dirty streets, rubbish etc and have never spoken to anyone that actually lives in Croydon, maybe that is the problem, they represent Croydon but know nothing about it..."

    I would also point out that the buildings that I have featured, so far, have been in this derelict state for several years...what timeframe dear Council leaders do you judge to be prompt?

    Wednesday, February 18, 2004

    I understand that Croydon Council complained about the Guardian publishing their article.

    So much for freedom of the press!

    It sounds more like a story from a 1950's Westerns, where the local paper dares to challenge the powerful cattle baron; and then gets its offices burnt to the ground.

    Read Ibsen's "Enemy of The People", it seems as though Croydon Council have adopted the same outlook.

    I commend the following link to The Croydon Guardian which has an article about my "Named and Shamed" section.

    Rubble Rousing

    If that does not work then go to the Croydon Guardian website and look it up under latest news.

    The article includes Croydon Council's response; which basically says that everyone is happy with Croydon's environmental record, and that if anyone has any complaints they will act on them quickly.

    How pathetic!

    Note to the Council:

    "Be aware, this is only the beginning!"

    Saturday, February 14, 2004

    If you share my view that Croydon Council has let the residents of Croydon down, with respect to the environment and its ceaseless demands for ever higher council tax, then wear the "Welcome to Croydon!" sweatshirt.

    These are available from The Emporium

    Saturday, February 07, 2004

    The Little Shop of Horrors

    This charming picturesque corner shop, pictured below, sits on the corner of St James’s Road and Wellesley Road Croydon.

    It fell into disuse and disrepair many years ago, it is a blight on the community and the shop next door (which has no connection with it whatsoever).

    The interesting thing about this is that it was sold by auction at the beginning of 2003 to a private bidder.

    This individual has owned this blight on the community for a year now, yet has done nothing with it.


    My advice to the owner is this, either sell it or rennovate it; don't let it rot!

    To view more pictures in the form of a slide show please visit "The Little Shop of Horrors".

    The Secret Judo Club

    What mysterious building lies behind these “attractive” boards, erected on Tavistock Road Croydon, shown in the picture below?

    · A secret government complex?

    · A nudist colony?

    No, a disused and decaying judo club. The club has been abandoned for at least the last two years; and, as with all abandoned areas, has started to rot and decay.

    Hardly pleasant for the residents of Tavistock Road, who take pride in their homes and local environment; and of course who pay council tax.

    Needless to say, in Q4 of 2003 a group of “travellers” appeared; and set up an encampment in the driveway of the judo club.

    Only after complaints from myself, and others, did Croydon Council ask the police to move them along.

    Then, as an afterthought, these attractive boards were erected; to prevent further invasions.

    Here’s a radical thought, why not use this piece of land for homes or something practical for the community? Instead of letting it rot!

    If you would like to see a few more pictures of these boards please visit “The Secret Judo Club”.

    A Pile of Rubble

    This charming picture below shows a pile of rubble; which mysteriously appeared outside a rather shabby office (situated on St James’s Road near Newgate Croydon), some time during 2003.

    Needless to say neither the owners of the building, nor Croydon Council, have done anything about it.

    As with all piles of debris, the ubiquitous abandoned shopping trolley has also appeared.

    Should you wish to view a slide show of pictures of this particular eyesore, please visit “A Pile of Rubble”.

    Monday, February 02, 2004

    Dingwall Road - Post Nuclear Croydon

    Dingwall Road is one of the main thoroughfares used by commuters, to go between their homes, offices and East Croydon station (the main line station that connects Croydon to London, Gatwick and the coast).

    I would say that several thousand people, both locals and visitors use this road.

    I wonder precisely what impression this squalid, unkempt and decaying example of corporate/council design and planning gone wrong must make.

    Croydon Council are very keen to promote Croydon as the ideal place to make movies. I for one would agree that if you wished to make a movie about life after a nuclear attack, then Dingwall Road would be my location of choice.

    Dingwall Road has a fine combination of hideous car parks, bill boards, waste land, dirt, detritus, plastic bags in trees and derelict office buildings. It says more about Croydon Council and its competence wrt planning and design (past and present) than words or political speeches ever could.

    It is more reminiscent of communist East Europe, rather than a vibrant heart of a 21st century town.

    Personally I would like to see every council member past and present, who had a hand in approving the planning of this carbuncle; together with the architects and corporate money men who put forward the plans, visit every resident on Croydon on their bended knees and apologise for this miserable excuse for a thoroughfare.

    As for the current members of Croydon Council who, don’t forget that they raised council tax by 27% last year (and no doubt will do so again), have sat on their hands for the past few years and watched this road rot further; I have nothing but contempt. It is not without some justification that they were awarded my prestigious "Worse Than Worthless" award last year.

    The nearest we have ever come to renovation and urban regeneration is the cheap plastic model of "Future Croydon", displayed in Allders shopping mall.

    This has as much chance of becoming reality as I have of becoming Pope!

    I have assembled a photo collage of pictures that I have taken one afternoon, as I took a “pleasant” stroll down Dingwall Road.

    To view highlights of my stroll along Dingwall Road please click Post Nuclear Croydon.

    I present an example of one of the pleasant sights of my walk below:

    The "Bird House" Sydenham Road Croydon

    Sydenham road is a residential area where, in general, the properties are well maintained.

    However, there is one notable exception; this house, known as “The Bird House”, which has fallen into disuse and decay.

    As far as I can recall, it has been standing empty and unloved for at least three years.

    At one stage some building equipment was parked in the front garden, and ugly boarding erected. That provided some false hope that something may at last be happening.

    However, the equipment has gone and the boarding is collapsing.

    It now provides sanctuary for a large family of pigeons, and other birds, who inhabit the upper floors.

    Needless to say it is now a fly tippers paradise.

    I fail to understand why this prime piece of real estate has not been redeveloped; we are constantly told by our political masters that there is a housing shortage.

    It is hardly pleasant for the residents of the street to look at; or indeed safe for the school children who use the school opposite, and nursery school next door.

    We look forward to seeing action taken by the owners/Croydon Council to renovate this scrofulous tumour on the backside of Croydon.

    To see a slide show of more pictures please click Birdhouse

    Sunday, February 01, 2004

    The Corner of Bedford Park and Wellesley Road Croydon

    Here you can see a prime example of dereliction and decay.

    A long since abandoned office block and waste land, combine to form a hideous eyesore.

    The area has been in a state of decay for at least the last three years; and not surprisingly, is being used by "fly tippers" to dump their waste.

    In an attempt to "improve" the eyesore, the authorities have erected a particularly ugly set of iron railings and wooden boarding.

    This should be a prime piece of real estate in Croydon; it is opposite the Home Office (you would have thought that they would have complained!), close to the Whitgift Shopping Centre and near to schools, churches and residential dwellings.

    Yet it resembles the Bronx in New York.

    As our ever popular Council (who won my prestigious “Worse Than Worthless” award last year) says, they are trying to get Croydon recognised as a place to make films; clearly this part of Croydon would be well suited to filming the urban decay and dereliction of the Bronx.

    Welcome to Croydon!

    If you feel that something should be done about this area then write to the Council, the media and your local MP (remember to refer to this site).

    I have put together an automated slide show of pictures of this squalid part of Croydon. If you wish to watch it please click this link Home Office.

    Wednesday, January 28, 2004