Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


Squalid roads, buildings and locations in Croydon named and shamed.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Dingwall Road - Post Nuclear Croydon

Dingwall Road is one of the main thoroughfares used by commuters, to go between their homes, offices and East Croydon station (the main line station that connects Croydon to London, Gatwick and the coast).

I would say that several thousand people, both locals and visitors use this road.

I wonder precisely what impression this squalid, unkempt and decaying example of corporate/council design and planning gone wrong must make.

Croydon Council are very keen to promote Croydon as the ideal place to make movies. I for one would agree that if you wished to make a movie about life after a nuclear attack, then Dingwall Road would be my location of choice.

Dingwall Road has a fine combination of hideous car parks, bill boards, waste land, dirt, detritus, plastic bags in trees and derelict office buildings. It says more about Croydon Council and its competence wrt planning and design (past and present) than words or political speeches ever could.

It is more reminiscent of communist East Europe, rather than a vibrant heart of a 21st century town.

Personally I would like to see every council member past and present, who had a hand in approving the planning of this carbuncle; together with the architects and corporate money men who put forward the plans, visit every resident on Croydon on their bended knees and apologise for this miserable excuse for a thoroughfare.

As for the current members of Croydon Council who, don’t forget that they raised council tax by 27% last year (and no doubt will do so again), have sat on their hands for the past few years and watched this road rot further; I have nothing but contempt. It is not without some justification that they were awarded my prestigious "Worse Than Worthless" award last year.

The nearest we have ever come to renovation and urban regeneration is the cheap plastic model of "Future Croydon", displayed in Allders shopping mall.

This has as much chance of becoming reality as I have of becoming Pope!

I have assembled a photo collage of pictures that I have taken one afternoon, as I took a “pleasant” stroll down Dingwall Road.

To view highlights of my stroll along Dingwall Road please click Post Nuclear Croydon.

I present an example of one of the pleasant sights of my walk below:

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