Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Thinking Big

Wellesley Road
I am pleased to see that there are finally plans to build on the derelict eyesore which is on the former Randolph and Pembroke House site in Wellesley Road.

This has been a rotting scab on Croydon's landscape since the two buildings were demolished in 1993, and has been featured on this site back in February 2004.

Berkeley Homes have had their plans approved by Croydon Council to build a 44-storey tower and a development that will see a total of 739 flats built across five blocks.

The question is, will companies come to Croydon and use this 44 storey tower?


Anonymous said...

Companies come to Croydon and use the tower?? It's a residential tower, therefore attracting individuals, not companies...what is your point?

Ken said...

A large part of the development is not residential, it is aimed at companies.

botanics said...

It is good to see development on the site, but incredibly depressing to see it is yet another ridiculously high tower block. Altitude25 is already disfiguring the skyline and has already destroyed the view of the actually quite attractive NLA tower from the north. We have the ridiculous IYLO being constructed at the north end of Wellesley Road where just a green 'roundabout' would have been so much more appropriate, and now this nonsense. Shame on the planning committee for letting this through.

Ken said...


I agree, it is good to see this site finally developed.

However, the height of the tower is cause for concern if you are living in the shadow of it (as I and many others will be). They claim that they have addressed local residents' concerns re the shadow, but I will believe that when I see it!

Re Altitude25, it does appear to be turning into a rather ugly looking building; grey and thin, resembling a chimney.

I wonder what the people who live in the houses opposite it think of it?

The NLA tower looks much better now it has been given a "wash and scrub up", and is rather attractive at night with the changing colured lights.