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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Bird House Revisted

Bird House Sydenham Road Croydon
Those of you with long memories may recall that one of the very first derelict sites that I "named and shamed" on this site was the "Bird House", a substantial derelict property on Sydenham Road.

Sadly over three years on, the property remains very much untouched (despite Croydon Council, in April this year, telling me that they had given planning permission for a development of flats).

In order kick start things along I sent the following to The Times Property editor today, together with some photos, as the paper had requested photos of derelict empty buildings from around the UK.

I will keep this site updated with any developments, should they occur.

"Re your article in Friday's Property section, 'Why Are They Empty?', in which you asked for photos of derelict property.

Please find attached photos of a large property in Sydenham Road, Croydon.

It has been derelict and abandoned for years, and I have featured it regularly on one of my websites (in this site I name and shame squalid buildings, derelict land, streets and other areas that are a blight on Croydon, the community and the environment).

Croydon council claimed in April this year that they have received and approved an application to build flats there:

However, as yet, there is no sign of any building work commencing.

Suffice to say the residents of Sydenham Road and the surrounding streets deserve better than this.

To add to their misery Lower Addiscombe Road (just around the corner) is falling into a state of decay and neglect; as I highlighted over 3 years ago.

Given the housing problems in Britain, it is a national scandal that so many areas are allowed to decay in this manner.

Kind regards

Ken Frost

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