Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Arrowcroft "Newsletter"

I received the following email from Croydon Council today, in respect of my enquiry regarding the Arrowcroft "newsletter".

Dear Mr. Frost,

Thank you for your email dated 8/02/07, sent to Croydon Council, in which you ask questions pertaining to a newsletter you have received recently.

It is very likely that the document you refer to is the spring 2007 newsletter produced by Arrowcroft.

Croydon Council has a devolvement agreement with Arrowcroft to develop the Gateway site adjacent to East Croydon station. In order to keep local people informed of progress with development, Arrowcroft produces a regular newsletter which is distributed to households within the CR0 postcode area. The Council is aware of and approves the content of the newsletter. No residents’ addresses have been supplied by the Council to Arrowcroft. The design, printing and distribution of this newsletter is paid entirely by Arrowcroft and so no Croydon Council taxpayers’ money is used for this purpose.

I hope this answer allays your concerns

In my view, given that the content of "newsletter" is approved and reviewed by the council (ie they derive political/PR benefit from the "newletter"), yet paid for by Arrowcroft, does this not constitute some form of "election" or "political" contribution that should be declared by both Arrowcroft and the council?

I have raised the matter with my MP, Andrew Pelling.

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