Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed


Squalid roads, buildings and locations in Croydon named and shamed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Ray of Hope

A Pile of RubbleFurther to my post on the 10th of October, entitled "A Little Reminder", I have had a response from Phoenix Logistics about the pile of rubble on the corner of St James's Rd and Newgate site.

They have said that they have now completed securing the ownership of the site, consequently the rubble is now their concern.

They say that they will obtain quotes over the next couple of weeks to board and secure the entire site, and aim to do so within a month.

I hope to see an improvement in that site, and will watch developments with interest.

I wonder if anyone can tell me why we pay council tax to Croydon Council, if it is left up to individual citizens to sort out the mess and decay in this borough?

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